World Wide Walking (WWW)

Next to the people walking the 40MM in The Netherlands there are also a lot of people that walk in the spirit of the 40MM all over the world! Persons connected to development projects can organize a 40MM walk for themselves, in their own local area, in order to generate additional sponsoring funds for their local project. We call this World Wide Walking (WWW). 

In various continents like Asia, South-America and Africa there are a number of groups that organize the annual walk, the total amount of people walking vary between 11.000 and 15.000 people!

How does it work?
First of all you send in the application form for a WWW walk (see registration form below). Per approved WWW application a group will receive minimally €250 and maximal an amount that is equal to what a regular project receives as annual support. The total amount of the WWW contributions however cannot exceed 10% of the total sponsor funds received by the 40MM in that specific year.

A WWW application should always be done in combination with a regular application request for sponsored funds, a WWW application cannot be applied for stand alone.

Registration form


In order to apply for WWW funds please use this document to register your application. 

The groups that walk under the WWW program can vary in size and also the amount of walked kilometers can change per walk. Obviously not all walking routes are covered in tarmac such as in West-Friesland. The circumstances and also routes can offer various challenges that prohibit the persons walking a full 40 kilometers. But every kilometer helps the project, irrespective of the amount of kilometers walked “Everyone contributes to the good cause!”. Also the day that the walk is organized can vary, it is not a must to hold the walk on the same date as the 40MM in Venhuizen. Sometimes the best season to walk is in a different month than in Holland.

It is great to see how the 40MM spreads all over the globe and to see the harmony in all people that like to make a step ahead in creating a better world for all!